About Us

Totalherbs Nigeria is a health and wellness company established in 2008 with the main objectives of providing alternative health care services that will be efficient and affordable to her clients.Our treatments are backed up with quality health advice and programme tailored to the health needs of the individual in a serene environment with the most modern health care equipment, facilities and supplements that meets industry standard.Our desire is to be the flagship in alternative health care industry in Africa and beyond, with the ever changing nature of today’s ailment / diseases which some are life threatening; we guarantee our patients that a visit to our facility is all they need.We frequently update the knowledge base of our personnel in the treatment of these ailments and diseases in our portfolio through constant training, workshops and seminars organized all over the world.

A little of our history

Totalherbs is the brain child of Mrs. Caroline Unachukwu who is a firm believer that after creation, herbs were given to man for food and medicine. It was discovered very early that the gift of healing resides in the Family and this discovery led to the very early works of the founder.

In 2004, she traveled to the United States and that visit exposed her potentials. She was able to stabilize a chronic diabetic patient by simply changing the eating pattern coupled with administration of few herbs readily available; by the the use of garlic and some simple herbs the blood sugar of the diabetic patient was greatly reduced.



She later enrolled in a Formal University there in the United States, where she gained more knowledge especially on Herbs Preparation and administration.Most of her early treatments were done solely on charity basis and this greatly attracted lots of people to her who had one chronic ailment or the other. Her success story started immediately with so much enthusiasm until now. Today, Totalherbs is existing primarily to save lives and to bridge the gap in Medical treatment.

Our Departments

Totalherbs is all about wellness, good eating habits and staying fit. We have the following well constituted sections dedicated to deliver our services.


Gym and Body Toning

Spa and Body Work

Theragem CLT

Our Mission
Health is wealth, this quote is as old as mankind and also universal. Totalherbs Services Nigeria looks at health from the perspective of man having a good relationship with the environment and compares this favorable to living a healthy life. Health also includes the impact of human activities on the individual and the community, the economy and environment. We strictly emphasize on striking a balance in all of these.

Our Mission is  “To promote good affordable, quality efficient and effective health service system that allows our clients and the community at large to have a great control over their health and ways to improving on them.”

Quality Control 
Every herbs produced by Totalherbs is done within the Industry standards, there is no compromise on quality. Every treatment done in Totalherbs is person-specific.

Our Seal of Quality

In today’s world of many kinds of ailments and diseases resulting from family / domestic, social and environmental conditions etc. Our vision is to be that health care giver that restores hope and faith to our patients through working together with them throughout the treatment phase.Knowledge is power, having a good knowledge of one’s health brings about a better state of mind to manage all manner of ailments / diseases even when they are life threatening